Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pharmacists can manage prescriptions under bill

I'm not exactly sure what "manage prescriptions" means, but Missouri pharmacists now have the authority to do so. It's not prescribing, but hopefully it's a mechanism to get pharmacists more involved in patient care.

From the Belleville News Democrat:
Lawmakers gave final approval Thursday to a bill that gives pharmacists greater authority in managing prescriptions.

The measure, approved 154-1 by the House, would allow pharmacists to go beyond just receiving a prescription and filling it. They could work with doctors and patients to evaluate prescriptions and create a "medication therapeutic plan" to help patients taking multiple drugs. Senators previously passed the bill, which now goes to Gov. Matt Blunt.

Supporters say the bill would allow Missouri pharmacists to more fully participate in the new federal drug assistance program Medicare Part D. Several other states already give pharmacists the authority to help manage prescriptions for patients. ...more

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