Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Study in new medical journal compares health outcomes in Canada and U.S.

The website for the new Canadian medical journal is An article discussing its inception is located here. I wanted to add that I have no particular affinity for CBC News, but I find that their links typically stay active longer and remain free after the seven day cutoff that other publishers use. As a result, I tend to link to their stories a bit more.

From CBC News:
Health outcomes for patients in Canada are as good as or better than in the United States, even though per capita spending is higher south of the border, suggest Canadian and U.S. researchers who crunched data from 38 studies.

The findings were published in the inaugural edition of Open Medicine, a new online medical journal launching Wednesday in the aftermath of a rift last year between some editors and the publisher of the Canadian Medical Association Journal. ...more

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