Thursday, May 31, 2007

Authorities hunt 70-80 passengers who sat near TB patient on flights

This is a rather disturbing story. While it seems unlikely anyone was infected, I know I wouldn't want to have been sitting next to this person on a flight.

From the Globe and Mail:
Public health officials in the United States and Canada revealed Wednesday they are looking for roughly 70 to 80 people on two recent transatlantic flights who were seated in close proximity to a man infected with a rare and potentially deadly form of tuberculosis.

In Canada, officials are seeking anyone who sat in Row 12 — plus the two rows ahead and behind — of Czech Airline flight 0104 to Montreal from Prague on May 24.

Officials of the Public Health Agency of Canada have obtained the passenger manifest — the airline's official list of passengers — and are using it to try to trace the passengers to urge them to undergo testing for TB. ...more

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