Monday, December 03, 2007

Doc-rating U.S. website has Ontario MDs angry

This isn't really a pharmacy story, but I am somewhat fascinated by the website mentioned. I'm pretty sure that the ratings on this website shouldn't be your sole basis of choosing a new MD. However, I feel that it has some value. With the supply/demand curve so extremely weighted on the side of physicians, I think some of them have taken the constant oversupply of patients for granted, and treat their patients accordingly. Maybe this site helps in a small way to bring some accountability into the equation.

From the London (Ont.) Free Press:
Thousands of Londoners have turned to a controversial U.S.-based website to rate their doctors and dentists. lets patients anonymously rate their doctor's performance -- on punctuality, helpfulness and knowledge -- and post comments about their care.

Some doctors are accused on the website of being rude, misdiagnosing ailments -- even falling asleep during appointments.

The site has raised the ire of Ontario's medical community, with the latest issue of the Ontario Medical Association journal advising doctors how to take legal action for defamatory comments on the website. ...more

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