Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Town desperate for doctor makes unique offer

Here's an innovative way for a pharmacist to help his town. However, if this was done anyplace that didn't have a physician shortage, there would be suggestions of conflict of interest. Undoubtably, the pharmacist is doing this to help his business, but I think the huge public need for a doctor outweighs those concerns in this situation.

From CTV News:
An Alberta community that has been searching without luck for a doctor is trying to sweeten its offer to potential candidates.

Bragg Creek has been without a doctor for the past six months. In July, their previous physician left and since then local residents have been hunting for a new one. But they've had one rejection after another.

Now, they hope to make an offer too good to pass up.

Any physician who wants to set up shop in the community will have a ready-to-go office waiting upon arrival. It comes equipped with a furnished waiting room, scales, and even medical equipment. ...more

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