Monday, December 03, 2007

HIV infections rise in Canada, fall globally

From the London (Ont.) Free Press:
James Armstrong can't walk. He is blind in his left eye. He has survived cancer, kidney failure and numerous blood and lung infections, but he is happy to be alive.

The 45-year-old Toronto man has been on the verge of dying a dozen times since he began living with HIV in 1986.

In May, he agreed to be pulled off life support in the hospital while suffering from his third bout of pulmonary edema. Armstrong's doctor told him he would have 20 minutes left to live, yet he managed to survive.

"The doctor told my mom at my bedside before he left that it was an honour being my doctor for 12 years and to be sure to let him know when my funeral was -- but somehow I miraculously survived again," Armstrong, who lives at Casey House, said. ...more

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