Sunday, March 30, 2008

Company kept heparin on market during tests

From the Globe and Mail:
A drug company continued to market its heparin products in Canada even though it knew its supplier was implicated in a growing scandal involving tainted ingredients that have been linked to 19 deaths and hundreds of illnesses in the United States.

B. Braun Medical Inc. announced a recall of its heparin products in Canada, the United States and Australia last Friday, after tests confirmed some products were contaminated with an ingredient also found in heparin products recalled a month ago by Baxter International Inc., which is now the subject of a major U.S. investigation.

Baxter purchased the contaminated ingredients from Scientific Protein Laboratories LLC, a Wisconsin-based company that has a factory in China. B. Braun Medical also buys its heparin ingredients from SPL, but didn't issue a recall until tests confirmed the contamination, weeks after the supplier's ingredients were first called into question. ...more

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