Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pharmacists attempt to raise drug literacy levels

From the Regina Leader Post:
Saskatchewan pharmacists are doing their part to help residents who have low health literacy skills understand what medications they are on and when and how they should be taking those drugs.

A new study by the Canadian Public Health Association concluded many Canadians don't have the literacy skills needed to respond to daily health information demands.

"We've recognized this as an issue for many years now and have tried to do our very best to educate our clients and patients about the medications that they are taking and their conditions,'' said pharmacist Chris Perentes, who owns and operates Lorne Drugs in Regina.

"From time to time, even in our retail practices, we see that sort of thing happening where a pharmacist or somebody on discharge at the hospital assumes that the patient knows or should know what they are doing but the person doesn't. You should never assume that. ...more

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