Sunday, April 27, 2008

Plan B pill proposal worries pharmacists

From the National Post:
Canadians could have the most liberal access to the morning-after pill in the Western world, according to critics of proposed changes to how the drug is sold here.

An expert advisory committee has urged that the single-dose version of Plan B be available off the shelf at pharmacies, without women having to consult a pharmacist first. The recommendation would mean people could buy emergency contraceptives much the way they can Aspirin or vitamins.

A women's group has applauded the recommendation as a way to increase access to the pill, but pharmacists are objecting, saying Plan B customers would miss out on the invaluable information and advice druggists currently provide.

"Emergency contraceptives would be more readily available here [under the proposal] than in any developed country," said Janet Cooper of the Canadian Pharmacists Association. ...more

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