Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spring clean your medicine cabinet

From the Calgary Herald:
Cleaning out the medicine cabinet is like cleaning out the fridge, but with a lot less "ewwws!"

The expired medications and health stuff you find may be years past the best-before date, but at least it's not leftovers covered in fuzzy green mould or foul-smelling, stomach-turning black slime.

The worst thing Kory Sloan of St. Albert, Alta., encountered while cleaning out his grandfather's cupboards was a bottle of really old pain-relieving tablets that smelled like vinegar. The smell is a sign the medication has gone bad.

Not that you should stick your nose into an expired container before deciding to chuck it out.

"The first thing they teach you in pharmacy school is don't put your nose into anything," says Edmonton pharmacist Ali Damani.

"If it's toxic, you could pass out from it." ...more

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