Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cancer patients need access to records, report says

From CTV News:
Cancer patients in Canada - especially those who live in remote areas - need to be given access to their electronic health records to ensure they get the best treatment, say the authors of a new report card on cancer in Canada.

The Cancer Advocacy Coalition of Canada says in its annual report card that patients are not getting enough access to their own medical records.

The CACC conducted a survey of oncology clinics located more than two hours from a regional cancer centre, and found that most aren't using electronic health records to record vital information. Of 11 clinics surveyed across the country, only seven had access to an integrated health record system.

Of those seven, only three allowed clinic staff to make notes on the records.

Such limitations compromise patient care, the authors insist, because oncologists who devised the treatment plans are not able to follow whether treatment is being given properly, or what complications the patient encountered. ...more

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