Sunday, February 08, 2009

Chief Pharmacist Thuli assaulted me

I couldn't resist posting this. It must be interesting working in the government offices in Swaziland.

From the Times of Swaziland:
Thuli Sibiya, the Chief Pharmacist in the Ministry of Health, left some employees agape when she allegedly floored her subordinate with punches.

Sibiya is alleged to have reduced Busisiwe Shongwe, employed as a cleaner in the same ministry, to a punch bag on Tuesday at around 9am.

The unfortunate scenario unfolded inside the ministry’s storeroom.

Shongwe, in an interview yesterday, confirmed to have been physically abused allegedly by the pharmacist in full view of her colleagues and a ‘stranger’.

"My only sin was to politely greet her (sawubona sisi Thuli)," a choking Shongwe alleged as she fought back tears. She said the pleasant remark was met with a deafening silence.

The traumatised cleaner claimed Sibiya went ballistic and responded with a hail of punches targeted at her face.

Shongwe claimed that Sibiya belittled her by reducing her into a punch bag in front of her colleagues including a lawyer who all watched helplessly. ...more

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