Thursday, February 19, 2009

Edmonton wellness company ordered to offer refunds on cancer drugs

From the Calgary Herald:
An Edmonton-based wellness company that made unsubstantiated claims that some of its products could cure cancer has agreed to post a correction online and offer full refunds to its customers after a federal investigation by the Competition Bureau.

Bioenergy Wellness Inc., which did business as Energyworks Wellness Center, was making unproven claims on two websites that its products — papimi, magnapulse and far infrared sauna — were effective in preventing or treating cancer.

Papimi is a medical device that delivers radiation-free magnetic pulses to body tissue and claims to stimulate health and repair diseased tissue. Magnapulse operates on a similar philosophy.

Infrared saunas produce sun-like heat without harmful ultraviolet rays that penetrate the body and allegedly detoxify the body through sweat.

“Cancer is a serious disease and we’re not going to let them make those claims,” said Tagreed Boules, senior competition law officer for the Competition Bureau. ...more

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