Sunday, April 26, 2009

Depression drug doubles in price for P.E.I. man

From CBC News:
A P.E.I. man has raised the alarm about the rising cost of prescription drugs after the drug he uses to treat depression more than doubled in price this month.

Tom Clark of Murray Harbour, in eastern P.E.I., has been taking trimipramine for 19 years, but he got a shock Thursday when he tried to refill the prescription.

"It went from $45 to $105 in less than a month," said Clark.

Trimipramine is made by Canadian drug maker Apotex. The company notified retailers April 1 that it was raising the price of the drug and several others. Pharmacists on the Island say the increase in the price of trimipramine is just one of several hefty increases this month from drug companies. They advise people with concerns to contact their local pharmacist.

"Will their drug prices go up because of this? That would be the question I'd ask," said Paul Jenkins, a pharmacist with the Friendly Pharmacy in Charlottetown. ...more

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