Saturday, April 11, 2009

Quebec men arrested for Windsor card skimming scam

Good job by this alert pharmacy employee...

From the Windsor (Ont.) Star:
Windsor Police arrested two Quebec men Monday after they allegedly tried to pull a skimming scam at a west side pharmacy.

Police went to the pharmacy in the 1700 block of Huron Church Road at 11 a.m. Monday after receiving information that two suspects had stolen the point of sale PIN pad from a store counter.

Police said skimming involves taking a valid PIN Pad from a business and replacing it with a decoy. The scammers then put a card reader into the valid PIN and return it to the store. They wait while the card reader obtains information from peoples’ credit and debit cards, then return and take it back.

Once they have the information, police said the criminals begin cloning credit and debit cards and start running up charges on the unsuspecting victims.

Police said the suspects had been in the store on April 5. They removed a PIN Pad and one of them replaced it with a decoy. The pair were captured on surveillance video.

The next day, an alert store employee noticed the decoy PIN pad and informed her manager. Soon after the decoy discovery, the two suspects were back in the store. Police were called. They arrested the two suspects in the parking lot. ...more

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