Wednesday, April 01, 2009

P.E.I. retailer upset by pulling of electronic cigarettes

From CBC News:
A Charlottetown store owner is wondering where some of her customers will turn now that Health Canada has ordered her to stop selling electronic cigarettes.

"We see people doing two things," Tracy Dooley of Wild Impulse told CBC News Monday.

"We see people using them who either want to reduce the amount they're smoking. So, they're substituting them — cigarettes and one of these [electronic ones]. And we've seen a lot of people as well completely quit smoking using these."

But they won't be using them for either purpose in the foreseeable future. Health Canada has ordered Canadian retailers to stop selling the e-cigarettes until it has had an opportunity to evaluate their safety.

E-cigarettes look like real cigarettes from a distance, complete with a glowing tip, but they deliver nicotine in a vapour. E-cigarettes are reusable, with a replaceable nicotine cartridge. ...more

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