Saturday, July 25, 2009

Digital pen a Loch Lomond first

From the Saint John (NB) Telegraph Journal:
The digital pen is mightier than the ink pen, not to mention more efficient, accurate and safer. The Loch Lomond Villa introduced the technology on Thursday, becoming the first such institution in Atlantic Canada to use the digital pen system.

Looking like a normal pen, it's used by doctors to write prescriptions. Once the pen is placed in its holder, it downloads the information to the computer and transmits it to a pharmacy. A special paper is used to write on, and a camera in the pen records the writing and then encrypts it.

Before the technology was introduced, the prescription were written by doctors, collated by staff and then faxed to the pharmacy, a much slower practice that could lead to duplication and errors.

According to Loch Lomond Villa CEO Cindy Donovan, the switch to the digital pen is seamless and requires no special training for staff. ...more

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