Monday, July 27, 2009

Province proposes changes to allow B.C. pharmacists to give injections to patients

From Business in Vancouver:
B.C. pharmacists will soon have the authority to give injections to patients if regulatory changes proposed Tuesday are approved.

The Ministry of Health Services is proposing changes to the Health Professions Act that would allow qualified pharmacists to administer vaccinations and other injections to patients.

Under the proposed regulations, interested pharmacists will be required to complete a comprehensive training program before receiving authorization from the College of Pharmacists of B.C.

The standards of practice and training program are being developed jointly between the BC Pharmacy Association, the College of Pharmacists of B.C. and the BC Centre for Disease Control.

The province is expecting the regulatory changes and training to be completed by mid-fall to allow pharmacists time to prepare for the annual flu vaccination campaign the province is launching this fall. ...more

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