Monday, July 06, 2009

Pharmacist doles out bitter pill

From Express Buzz:
All he needed was two tablets to save his mother which would cost him more than Rs 2. But, Rafeeq Ahmed, had not bargained for the rude shock that life was waiting to throw back at him. On reaching the pharmacy, Rafeeq realised that he had forgotten to take his wallet.

As his need was urgent, Rafeeq requested the pharmacist to give him the tablets and he would pay later, but the pharmacist refused to oblige.

A desperate Rafeeq tried to snatch the tablets and left his watch behind at the counter but the pharmacist caught him and beat him up leaving him with a fractured jaw.

Rafeeq had to shell out Rs 70,000 for his surgery and now wants to sue the pharmacist. He has filed a complaint with the Hennur police on Friday. ...more

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