Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Manitoba E-pharmacy founder fights to clear name
One of the Manitoba founders of the billion-dollar Internet pharmacy industry is fighting in court to clear his name after landing in hot water with the province's pharmaceutical regulatory body.

Andrew Strempler, whose online pharmacy RxNorth is based in Minnedosa, Man., has filed an application in Court of Queen's Bench to quash a decision by the Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association that the pharmacist was, according to the application,"guilty of unskilled practice of pharmacy and professional misconduct."

From the Orlando Sentinel:
Debate rages for Canadian medicine
For more than two years, Jean and Lee Edes have saved hundreds of dollars by ordering their prescription drugs from Canada.

But when they called their Canadian pharmacy recently to check on an order, the Mount Dora couple learned the pills had been seized at the U.S. border.

They ended up paying for the medications twice: $276 for the Canadian package that was shipped but never arrived -- and almost two times that amount to fill the prescriptions locally for drugs to treat osteoporosis, high cholesterol and a thyroid condition.

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