Wednesday, May 05, 2004

From WHBF-TV (Ill.):
Saving Money on Canadian Drugs...In Moline?
Federal law prohibit bringing prescription drugs across the U.S./Canadian border. Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is pushing to legalize the importation of medications but, in the meantime, many Americans aren't letting the law stop them from seeking savings 'up north'.

Drugs prices in the United States have gotten so high that many people will do just about anything to find a cheaper alternative. This February, some Quad City seniors took a two-day bus trip to Canada to buy medication

More Canada Drug Business
One year ago, Watertown business man, Paul Fox, opened the doors of Dakota/Canadian Discount Medical and started accessing cheaper prescription prices from north of the border. But just days later, Fox voluntarily closed those doors, bowing to pressure from the South Dakota Board of Pharmacy.

Tonight the business is back open tonight, along with a second location in Sioux Falls. What gave Fox and his nephew, Paul, the courage to re-open their doors was the opening of a similar business in Sioux Falls.

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