Tuesday, May 11, 2004

From the Wichita (Kan.) Eagle:
Push to import drugs grows
The push for legislation to legalize imports of prescription drugs is gaining momentum, with some major drugstore chains, a number of state attorneys general and several insurance companies endorsing the idea.

Drug manufacturers remain adamantly opposed. But Tommy Thompson, the secretary of health and human services, said last week he thought passage of legislation to allow imports of lower-cost medicines was inevitable.

From the Telegraph (UK):
Glaxo fights on to protect pricing
Glaxo Smithkline, the UK pharmaceutical giant, said yesterday it was "disappointed" that a US court had decided to allow the Minnesota attorney general to continue an investigation into its Canadian drug supply policy.

Drug companies, including Glaxo, limit the amount of pharmaceuticals shipped to Canada, because arbitrageurs take advantage of the price difference between the two countries.

From the Duluth (Minn.) News Tribune:
Doyle adds more medications to state prescription drug site
Wisconsin's prescription drug Web site will feature 30 new medications available from Canadian pharmacies, Gov. Jim Doyle said Tuesday.

The site offers links to order forms from three Canadian pharmacies that sell prescription drugs cheaper than in the United States.

The new drugs include medication for high blood pressure, diabetes, transplant rejection prevention, asthma and breast cancer. Doyle said visitors to the site can order them at savings up to 51 percent.

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