Sunday, May 30, 2004

From the Sacramento Business Journal:
Oh, Canada! Stores selling cheap drugs can't beat HMOs
A storefront in Carmichael that sold prescription drugs from Canada at cut-rate prices has closed its doors due to lack of business.

Another medicine-from-Canada venture on Arden Way continues to operate but demand has slowed to roughly four or five patients a day.

The dream of making big bucks by helping desperate patients get cheap drugs from Canada hasn't panned out in Greater Sacramento because most people here have insurance that gives them a better deal.

From Newsday (NY):
A cross-border drug supplier is reborn
Our thanks to reader Bud S., formerly of Commack, now of Lake Worth, Fla., who led us to discover that one of the pioneers in helping Americans gain access to Canadian prescription drugs has shut down, partly because of pressure from the Bush administration.

In this case, the administration speaks with forked tongue. For while the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Health and Human Services try to prevent us from buying Canadian drugs, HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson says that if Congress passes legislation to allow it, he'd tell the president to sign.

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