Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dilaudid abuse rampant in P.A.

From the Saskatoon Star Phoenix:
Dilaudid -- a powerful painkilling opiate -- continues to ravage the streets of Prince Albert.

Though local health workers are taking some measures to stop users from destroying their lives by abusing the prescription drug, current tactics fall short of getting Dilaudid off of the streets and out of the addicts' arms.

"We still have a Dilaudid problem," said Cheryl Lucas, a methadone case co-ordinator who works with addicts hooked on the drug.

At one point, up to three-quarters of the province's Dilaudid prescriptions were being doled out in the city. ...more

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Anonymous said...

My son passed away in his sleep last month from using Dilaudid and drinking...I did not even know he was using. What can i do to help reach out to other teens regarding this problem and addictions. I would like to speak at schools but do not know how to go about it. Can you help me. I dont want my sons death to be for nothing.