Friday, September 14, 2007

Feeling left behind

This isn't a Canadian article per se, but it is a pharmacy story. I remember dealing with a similar patient a few years ago. It was an interesting conversation. He made almost the exact same comments compared to the quotes in this article.

From the Indianapolis Star:
In his refrigerator, Glenn Vogel keeps a shelf clear to hold up to 90 bottles of pork insulin, a six-month supply, to treat his diabetes.

When the supply dwindles to a dozen bottles and a new shipment from Europe hasn't arrived, he will spend hours, sometimes days, on the phone, calling the manufacturer, the shipper, the Food and Drug Administration, even his congressman.

"It's a day-to-day struggle," said Vogel, 47, a diabetic from Fullerton, Calif., who swears by the pork insulin for keeping his blood-sugar levels on an even keel. "I need this to stay alive. It's as important to me as oxygen." ...more

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