Thursday, September 06, 2007

Discipline Case : Abadir Nasr

I haven't seen any related news articles to post yet, so I thought I'd put up the link to the Abadir Nasr verdict from the Ontario College of Pharmacists. We've been following this story for a long time, and I expect that this will finally close the book on it. As I suspected, the college was a lot more harsh than the legal system. In the court, Nasr could blame lack of criminal intent and ignorance. However, the pharmacy board was looking for standards regarding public safety, unprofessional conduct, and the lack of following regulations. These are a lot easier to prove.

From the Ontario College of Pharmacists website:
The member was found guilty of professional misconduct as a dispensing pharmacist, designated manager as well as the owner of King West Pharmacy, with respect to the purchase and dispensing of counterfeit and/or unapproved prescription medications, labeling errors, failure to keep records, failure to maintain patient confidentiality, misidentified or inadequately identified drugs, expired drugs, and narcotic discrepancies. With regard to his practice, a panel of the Discipline Committee found that he: ...more

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