Wednesday, September 19, 2007

No prescription, no problem

From the Globe and Mail:
Ever wonder what would happen if you actually opened that e-mail titled "Vi@GRa, LeVitr@ with the LOWEST prices!" and ordered up some pills?

Researchers at the University of Toronto-based Centre for Global eHealth Innovation recently took on the task, sifting through more than 4,000 spam e-mails and placing 27 orders in an attempt to gauge how easy it is for Canadians to buy prescription drugs online.

The study leaders, Alejandro Jadad and Peter Gernburd, received one product for every three orders they placed.

"We were very surprised to find you could get so much from these spammers. Canadians have to be wary of this," Dr. Jadad said.

The study was published yesterday in the online journal PLoS Medicine. ...more

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