Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Doctors could use more info on drug costs: study

I have to concur with this article. Generally, physicians are somewhat unaware of the price of medications. I just had an example of this in my practice where a physician was incorrect in their price estimate of a drug by thousands of dollars per month of treatment. Perhaps a pharmacist working collaboratively with a physician could help these types of situations. Ultimately, costs could be contained and patient outcomes could be improved.

From CTV News:
Soaring drug bills in Canada could be cut if doctors simply paid attention to the cost of the medications they prescribe, says a new federal report.

The study, commissioned by Industry Canada, found that Canadian physicians are generally oblivious to drug prices and often prescribe an expensive pharmaceutical when a cheap one would do.

"In Canada, there is no formal mechanism that credibly brings cost into the physician's decision-making process'' when issuing prescriptions, says the report by IMS Health Consulting Inc. ...more

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