Friday, October 26, 2007

For real relief, treat cold symptoms one by one

This article presents a key piece of information that I have given parents for years -- treat children with single entity over the counter products. Avoid the multiple ingredient products and focus on the most problematic symptom.

From the Globe and Mail:
Last Friday, an advisory panel to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration called for all over-the-counter pediatric cough and cold medicines to be banned.

The advice from the independent experts was unequivocal: These drugs should never be given to children under the age of 6 because they are potentially dangerous.

The panel members were also clear about this key point: The drugs don't work in children. They don't make a cough go away and they don't alleviate any other cold symptoms. Never have and never will.

Most manufacturers have voluntarily withdrawn some products from the market, namely those aimed at children under the age of 2. ...more

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