Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Extend dental coverage, doctors urge

From the National Post:
Something must be done to extend health insurance for dental care and prescription drugs to the millions of Canadians who lack such coverage now - even if taxpayers end up footing the bill, the president of Canada's largest doctors group said yesterday.

Brian Day is best known for wanting to give the private sector a bigger role in health care, but after a speech in Toronto, the new head of the Canadian Medical Association advocated essentially expanding the public system. He lamented the fact that some Canadians have health insurance through their workplace that pays for dental care, medication and other health needs not covered by government plans - while many have no such coverage.

"There is something wrong with 30% not getting their drugs paid for, getting a bill when an ambulance takes them to a hospital, not having their crutches paid for," Dr. Day told reporters. "I think they should get it, somehow. And if they can't afford to pay the premiums, the government should pay the premiums for them." ...more

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