Friday, October 19, 2007

Revoke druggist's licence, college told

From the Toronto Star:
Two members of a professional review panel felt disgraced Hamilton pharmacist Abadir Nasr should never be allowed to dispense drugs again, feeling he's beyond rehabilitation.

They didn't agree with the majority of their colleagues on an Ontario College of Pharmacists five-member disciplinary committee. The committee ruled last month that Nasr, 30, could get his licence back after a one-year suspension as long as he underwent a public reprimand, paid $12,500 in costs to the college and took remedial training.

Yesterday, the college released the reasons for its decision.

Nasr had pleaded guilty to a series of professional misconduct charges in connection with his practices at the King West Pharmacy on King Street West, which resulted in a number of criminal charges against him in 2005. He was acquitted on all the charges this year, including allegations he dispensed fake heart medication to dozens of unsuspecting patients. ...more

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