Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Canadian company pushing pill dispensing kiosk

From IT Business:
A Canadian firm says it can help the healthcare industry cut down prescription errors and improve patient-pharmacist contact by installing automated pill dispensing kiosks at doctors' offices, clinics, drugs stores and hospitals.

PharmaTrust, a sleek green and white box similar to an automated teller machine (ATM), can read doctor's prescription scripts, dispense 150 commonly prescribed drugs, collect and manage patient records and set up a remote live video conference with a pharmacist.

The machine, developed by PCA Services Inc., of Oakville, Ont., will soon be tested by the Sunnybrook Health Services Centre in its hospital pharmacy in Toronto. ...more

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Anonymous said...

If the prescription was actually computerized, then having the reading the prescription wrong would not be a problem anymore, hence this kiosk isn't really going to reduce errors significantly.
Also if there was a question at the dr. office, does the Dr. need to hire a pharmacist to answer the phone and monitor the dispensing? What about insurance billing and problems? The would have the make major changes to accomodate for this kiosk. Its not really as simple as money in and drug out.