Sunday, May 04, 2008

Pharmacy open new compound centre

From the Belleville (Ont.) Intelligencer:
A Belleville pharmacy is "stepping back to the future" by opening a compound centre to produce its own medications that better suit their customers' individualized prescription needs.

Kelly's Guardian Pharmacy is the only pharmacy between Port Hope and Kingston to operate its own compound centre and pharmacy manager Tom Bond said there's been a need for it.

"It's an important addition to our pharmacy because pharmaceutical companies are not always catering to the individual needs of patients," he said. "They mass produce medication in certain dosage forms and strengths, but we're now able to produce our own medication in all different forms from raw materials."

Compounding, he explained, allows doctors to prescribe and the pharmacist to prepare a customized medication that is not available commercially, or to replace an available medication in a different dosage to meet specific patient needs.

For example, a compounding pharmacist can prepare liquid medication for patients who have difficulty swallowing a tablet. He can flavour medication for children or prepare a dye-free or preservative-free dosage form. The pharmacist can adjust the strength of a medication and formulate it in a form that is easier for the patient to take. ...more

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