Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Natural health care industry rebuked over claims about new bill

From the Calgary Herald:
Health Minister Tony Clement says the natural health products industry is scaring consumers unnecessarily with claims that the government plans to outlaw popular homeopathic medicines and herbal remedies.

"They are scaring people and it's not borne out by the intent of the legislation or the wording of the legislation," Clement said Monday in an interview about proposed amendments to the Food and Drugs Act, currently being debated in Parliament.

The Natural Health Products Protection Association has launched a campaign arguing licensing requirements are already overly stringent and coming changes will mean up to three-quarters of all natural health products on the market will become illegal.

The association, which represents manufacturers, says the proposed legislation "reads like a police-state manual" and the "real danger in regulating them is to 'over-regulate' them off of the market." ...more

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