Sunday, May 25, 2008

Smaller sized pharmacies making comeback in industry

From the Shelby (NC) Star:
For some, the hours of waiting and impersonal service often associated with big name pharmacies leads straight to the door of "mom-and-pop" pharmacies.

The small-operation pharmacies that have been making a comeback offer many of the benefits of larger pharmacy with a lot less of the hassle, said Gary Harden.

Harden has spent years behind the counter and behind the scenes at a number of pharmacies. And now, he's back in Shelby - where he started - and his new pharmacy is ready to serve the community he loves.

Shelby Drug Inc., just across from Shelby staple Alston Bridges Barbecue, has been open for little more than a week.

"We started out one or two prescriptions a day," Harden said. "We're up to about 10 now." ...more

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