Monday, July 21, 2008

Antibiotic ignorance leads to drug-resistant superbugs: Report

From the Vancouver Sun:
People who self-medicate with leftover antibiotics are helping to spread drug-resistant superbugs, according to a report based on a survey that found widespread ignorance about antibiotic use among Canadians.

"A large proportion of the general public is uninformed about antibiotics, and are therefore susceptible to misinformation," says a June report by Les Etudes de Marche Createc, which conducted the survey for the Public Health Agency of Canada.

It found almost one in three Canadians either wrongly believed antibiotics are effective against colds or didn't know if they are. Only 44 per cent knew antibiotics kill bacteria but not viruses.

Close to half incorrectly thought recent use of an antibiotic protects against re-infection or didn't know whether it does. In fact, recent antibiotic use increases the risk of infection by resistant bacteria. ...more

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