Sunday, July 27, 2008

Drug store buries plastic

From the Barrie (Ont.) Examiner:
Sandy Frape's pharmacy is going green on Monday, but her customers might not notice the change. That is, until they ask for a bag to carry home their purchases.

"Starting on Monday, we're turfing all our plastic bags for new biodegradable ones," said Frape, store manager of Pharmasave on Blake Street. "It's a going green thing and it's really big in the United States right now. In Canada, it hasn't quite caught on yet."

Frape's store is one of three in Barrie switching to the more environmentally- friendly bags and all 400 Pharmasave locations across the country are making the change.

"We're the first Canadian-owned pharmacy to be doing this," Frape said. "These bags look just like the plastic ones, but they will break down in landfill much faster." ...more

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