Tuesday, July 01, 2008

B.C. court clears path for cancer survivors to sue over hormone replacement

From the Canadian Press:
An international maker of a hormone replacement drug has lost its bid to block a B.C. lawsuit, clearing the way for a possible class-action suit on behalf of breast cancer survivors.

Hundreds of B.C. women who claim they got breast cancer after taking the drugs Premarin and Premplus have contacted the law firm involvined in the B.C. Supreme Court lawsuit.

David Klein, the lawyer for the women, said it means if the company is found at fault, the international firm would be held accountable in a Canadian court.

"Now we can put the case back on track toward getting it certified as a class action," he said.

Officially, the lawsuit has one plaintiff so far. Dianna Stanway is the representative plaintiff in the court action that first must be certified by the court as a class action, allowing the other women to join. ...more

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