Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sex and the Stampede

From the Vancouver Sun:
Sex and Stetsons -- it's enough to get some partygoers at the Calgary Stampede saying yee-haw.

The annual summer festival is renowned for getting folks in the saddle, so to speak.

Just ask Darcy Chalifoux, who said he has seen "some porta-potties rocking" over the years.

There's a lot more than roping going on at the Calgary Stampede. Many of the spectators are hot to trot, too.

"Things get a little wonky," said the sales and marketing director for the Wildhorse Saloon, a Stampede party tent.

"It's a part of people having fun."

But just how promiscuous are Stampede revellers? With the wanton behaviour of participants now a part of the folklore of Stampede parties, it's sometimes difficult to separate fact from the urban myth.

Calgary Health Region officials say their STD clinic is busier with visits the week following Stampede, and there's a slight increase in the number of people picking up the morning-after pill -- also known as Plan B -- at the sexual and reproductive health clinics. ...more

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