Monday, September 22, 2008

BCMA sounds alarm on pharmacists' new powers

From the Vancouver Sun:
A new provincial policy that will give pharmacists the power to renew and adapt prescriptions without prior approval from a doctor could be dangerous for patients, according to the B.C. Medical Association.

Starting Jan. 1 next year, pharmacists across B.C. can exercise a new authority to renew customers' prescriptions and make limited changes to them based on their own judgment, and without consulting the patients' doctors.

The policy was initiated by the Health Ministry last spring, and announced in the throne speech.

It came up again Thursday after a B.C. Pharmacists Association document detailing discussions over fees for the services was leaked to media.

B.C. Pharmacy Association chief executive Marnie Mitchell said pharmacists will be given the authority to renew prescriptions for up to one year and to change a prescribed dosage if they judge it's appropriate. ...more

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