Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Forget your meds at home while travelling? Pharmacies, walk-in clinics can help

From the Canadian Press:
Talk about injecting some unwelcome anxiety into a holiday or business trip.

You go to Manhattan and your checked luggage heads to Moose Jaw - with your medication inside it. Or you arrive at your destination and realize the pill organizer you planned to pack is still sitting on your dresser back home. Or your trip gets extended and you don't have enough drugs to cover the extra time.

Arnie Salmon, of Beechwood, N.B., knows too well the sinking feeling that comes with finding yourself in one of these scenarios.

Salmon, 47, takes two pills daily to control his blood pressure. Early this year he set off for Slave Lake, Alta., to take a job working on a pipeline. Snowstorms turned Salmon's journey into a marathon, forcing layovers in Montreal, Toronto and Saskatoon.

Some 40 hours later, Salmon finally arrived in Edmonton. But his suitcases did not. Unfortunately, Salmon had packed his medication in his checked luggage, figuring in the post 9-11 world he wouldn't be allowed to carry them onboard. ...more

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