Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Shoppers’ beauty stores raise eyebrows

After a really successful run, could this be a misstep by Shoppers Drug Mart? I'm not a financial expert, but I don't really see these stores catching on. If you want to buy cosmetics from Shoppers Drug Mart, why wouldn't you just go to the nearest existing Shoppers location? They seem to be everywhere already.

From the Financial Post:
Beauty has a new name at Shoppers Drug Mart Corp. - "Murale."

The largest drug store chain in Canada has unveiled the name of its newest store concept, whose first stores will open in Ottawa and Montreal in November.

"Murale is a beauty masterpiece that will give access to the most innovative and leading beauty products, services, consultation, and advice," said Jurgen Schreiber, chief executive of Shoppers.

The company said in a statement that the name Murale "is distinctive, expressive and highly suggestive of art and beauty". Shoppers first announced that it would open stand-alone cosmetic boutiques at the annual general meeting of shareholders this year.

The stores, which will compete with standalone specialty beauty chains such as Sephora, will carry dermatological skin care and luxury beauty items and fragrances. ...more

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