Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Cold medication not for kids under 4, U.S. companies say

From Canada.com:
As drug companies in the United States put new warning labels on cold and flu medication for children under four years old, a Canadian manufacturer of children's medicine, said it would not follow suit.

Major U.S. pharmaceutical companies announced Tuesday they would change labels on cough and cold medicines to warn consumers not to give the products to children under four, said the Consumer Healthcare Products Association, a group representing the American producers of over-the-counter kids medicine.

"After consulting with the Food and Drug Administration, the leading manufacturers of these medicines are voluntarily transitioning the labelling on oral (over-the-counter) pediatric cough and cold medicines to state "do not use" in children under four years of age," it said in a statement.

However, Johnson & Johnson Canada said no such warnings will be put on the Canadian products yet.

"At this time the initiatives in the U.S. don't affect our products in Canada," said spokeswoman Tina Peyregatt. "We have been in continuous talks with Health Canada on the same topic but at this time we have not arrived at a decision." ...more

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