Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Pharmacists pay for state bungling

Can you imagine an equivalent situation, where a Canadian provincial government implemented a drug plan then didn't reimburse the pharmacies that have already dispensed the drugs? It would be a total mess.

From the Fort Mills (SC) Times:
Illinois pharmacists are stuck helping pay for the Blagojevich administration's bungled health care program expansion.

The Department of Healthcare and Family Services has been informing pharmacies they must eat the cost of drugs dispensed under the expanded FamilyCare program that two courts have struck down, according to a document obtained by The Associated Press.

The computerized notice, with a specific voucher number indicating the service that would not be reimbursed, carries a date of April 21. HFS has not explained whether that was when the prescription was filled or when the notice was sent.

It was two days before an administration lawyer told a Cook County judge that officials had not come up with a way to determine who had received medical care under the illegal expansion, from whom, or how much had been paid. ...more

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