Thursday, October 09, 2008

Health Canada probes 5 deaths that followed Botox injections

From the Victoria (BC) Times Colonist:
Health Canada is investigating the deaths of five people who had been injected with Botox, and serious reactions in another eight cases.

All the deaths involved people who were treated for such medical conditions as neck and muscle spasms. Two occurred in children with cerebral palsy, including a nine-year-old boy given Botox for drooling - a condition for which the drug hasn't been approved.

The reactions suggest the botulinum toxin may have spread to other parts of the body beyond where it was injected, according to Health Canada.

Only one of the 13 reports Health Canada had received as of March 28 involved using Botox for wrinkles, and none was medically confirmed as "distant toxin spread," according to the agency's most recent adverse reaction newsletter. ...more

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