Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just what the druggist ordered

From the Saint John (NB) Telegraph Journal:
It's about to become much easier for New Brunswickers to get the medications they need without waiting for the OK from their doctors.

Changes to the province's Pharmacy Act come into effect tomorrow, significantly expanding the role of the pharmacist in replacing, renewing and, in some cases, issuing prescriptions.

"It's going to improve access for people who need their medications," said Lisa Zwicker, a pharmacist in Saint John.

"And it will save steps for us. Lots of times we have to stop and call or fax a doctor and wait to hear back in order to fill a prescription. It will eliminate that step. I don't think it will make our jobs any busier, but I think it will be better for everyone."

New Brunswick's 700 pharmacists fill more than nine million prescriptions every year.

Bill Veniot, registrar with New Brunswick's Pharmaceutical Society, said the new legislation finally recognizes the extensive training and experience of pharmacists.

"We're experts in drug therapy," Veniot said at a news conference in Fredericton on Tuesday.

"It's natural that we take on more authority with respect to prescribing certain medications." ...more

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