Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Syndicate to crack down on doctors selling medication in clinics

From Daily News Egypt:
Head of the Doctors’ Syndicate, Dr Hamdy El-Sayyed, sent a stern warning to any doctors found selling medication in their private clinics, saying they will be referred to a disciplinary court.

The announcement came in response to a complaint filed by Dr Ahmed Gebril, head of Alexandria’s Pharmacists’ Syndicate, regarding doctors and medical centers that sell medication without a permit, which is in violation of the law and the industry’s code of ethics.

El-Sayyed replied with a letter to Gebril, assuring him that any doctor accused of doing so would be referred to a disciplinary court.

He also said that the syndicate is “willing to start an investigation right away into every case mentioned in the complaint.”

El-Sayyed told Daily News Egypt that doctors who violate this law will be interrogated before being referred to a disciplinary court, which will then decide on the appropriate punitive measure — be it a warning, a fine or suspension that can range from one week to several months or even years.

Members of the Doctors’ Syndicate clarified that El-Sayyed’s announcement is nothing new because it is prohibited by law for doctors to sell medication. ...more

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