Sunday, August 31, 2008

Doc Q scrubs website

I am not surprised that the Ontario College of Physicians have some problems with MPP/MD Shafiq Qaadri's website. It seemed to be one shameless name drop of a drug after another. In the article below, it's revealed that the good doctor is on the payroll of several drug companies, but he seems to be a bit uncertain about how much they pay him.

I went back to the website, and they have made a few small changes. I notice that the "Micardis" tab has been renamed "Telmisartan" (its generic name, but the page still has a URL of

If I hear another physician ever complain to me about pharmacists' potential lack of ethics when it comes to prescribing, I think I'll refer them to this site.

From the Toronto Sun:
Unplug the drug plugs, Dr. Qaadri.

That's the message Liberal MPP Dr. Shafiq Qaadri got from the province's medical authorities after a Toronto Sun story pointed out much of the content on his medical clinic website violated doctor advertising rules.

Qaadri has been scrubbing the website of nearly 60 separate plugs for brand name pharmaceuticals ever since.

"As soon as concerns were raised, I contacted the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and they gave me advice that I should remove them, and I did," said Qaadri, a family physician and Liberal MPP for Etobicoke North.

College rules prohibit doctors from mentioning drugs by name, using any superlatives to describe them or from associating themselves with any products or services. ...more

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