Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wrong meds blamed for crash

From Surrey (BC) Now:
Nesta DeRoy, 81, was parking her car in front of a Nissan dealership in South Surrey when she stepped on the gas instead of the brake and plowed into the window, sending people inside scurrying for cover.

DeRoy believes the wrong medication made her drowsy.

She's grateful a cement barricade stopped the car from going further, "otherwise it would have been a big disaster because there were people looking in the showroom."

"I could have killed somebody, I could have killed myself."

Moments before the accident, her friend Julie Mahler, remarked that she looked tired and had asked her if she was feeling all right. Mahler even offered to take over the wheel.

Two days after the accident, DeRoy said she called the pharmacy at Save-On-Foods in Scottsdale Mall to renew her prescription for "hydrochlorothiazide," which helps treat her high blood pressure, and that's when she found out she was given Clonazepam, a sedative.

DeRoy said when she gave the pharmacist the number code on her prescription bottle, he went "kind of quiet" and asked her to repeat it. ...more

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