Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pharmacist's jars worth thousands of pounds are discovered in a cupboard

From the Daily Mail (UK):
A pharmacist who spent decades devoting her life to her business never realised she had a ready-made fortune on her shelves - her mixing jars.

Unbeknown to Ann Seedhouse, the coarse-looking earthenware pots that held her elderflower and red poppy were more than three centuries old and worth thousands of pounds.

Friends described Miss Seedhouse, who never married and channelled all of her efforts into her work, as a businesswoman ahead of her time.

But now it has emerged her meticulous attitude to achieving success overlooked two little things - the jars.

They sat amid the jumble of dozens of other containers in her traditional shop in Brownhills, Staffs, until she finally retired in the 1970s.

After that they ended up in a cupboard at her home, where they were finally uncovered by astonished experts during a clearance of her estate. ...more

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